The Client

The Talent want to work for companies that stand apart from the norm, like you

People want to work for companies who employ amazing people. You recognise that technology is at the core of everything and that your people are your greatest asset in driving this. You have a culture that is innovative and rewarding and you look after them in a way no others can. You are proud to be an employer of choice and wouldn’t be where you were today if you couldn’t find good people; we just help them walk past your door more often.

We have a number of engagement models, each one with your needs in mind…

Recruitment tech jobs Sydney


● Executive Search Services. Networking with the best is what we do.

● Project based recruitment. Draw upon our Network 20 to quickly deliver across multiple requirements.

● Technical testing for full IT departments. Great for ongoing training of staff and project scheduling.

● Benchmarking your company to set the standard. Don’t settle for any more weak staff through your door, know the standard to improve the team and stick to it!

● Personality profiling for new staff. Know more about the person you are hiring and how they will fit into your great culture.

● Onboarding Services . Give all of your new hires the best chance of success.

● Staff retention strategy . It’s costly to lose staff, understand where their head is at prior to that horrible moment.

● Structured Exit Interviews . If they’re off, we help you learn from the experience.

● Recruitment best practice consulting . The recruitment world is changing daily, we can ensure you’re up to date with the latest technology and industry best practice.