connecting excellence

We connect the top 20% of IT Talent in Australia, to the employers in the country that deserve them.

The Talent

Isn’t it time you had more control over the recruitment process? We will work with you to identify the companies that should see your profile, how you should be presented to them and who of course to avoid along the way. Networking is our guiding principle. Our goal is to connect you with the companies that you desire to work for. Share our Network.

The Network 20 Difference

The recruitment industry in Australia is getting tired. Tired of poor standards and service. Our belief is that there is a better way to do things, a smarter way. A way that gives the IT Talent in Australia an opportunity to get into those roles that they deserve.

The Client

The Talent want to work for companies that stand apart from the norm like you. You have a culture that is innovative and rewarding and you look after them in a way no others can. You are proud to be an employer of choice and wouldn’t be where you were today if you couldn’t find good people, we just help them walk past your door more often.

Network20 Recruitment


Tastes vary, and so do our clients. We are proud to work with a diverse range of technical organisations but they all have something in common.

  • Technology is at the core of everything
  • Average is not good enough
  • Your people make your business.


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